Get out of your HEAD!!!!



How many times have you missed an exit or a turn because your mind was somewhere else? Or how many times have you forgot where you were going because you were thinking so hard or in your thoughts? I had that moment today actually, I missed my turn twice because I was in my thoughts thinking of the “What if’s” the “if I could do things differently I would”. Did that change my situation? Did it make things better? Actually no. Then I realized, you know what, while I’m so in my head thinking of the “What if’s” then I missed out on the ” What is” that was happening.

So what am I saying?

Stop being so caught up in the “What if’s” the “I should have” and just LIVE. In fitness we can beat ourselves up so bad because of not meeting a goal or thinking; “Well what if I don’t get that goal or that PR time?” I have realized in my fitness journey the less time I spend focusing on the “What if’s” the more the “What is” began to show up in my life. The more the goals were met because I was focused on what I can do in the here and now, at this moment versus focus on the what I should have done or what I could do. So stop stunting your strength, get out of your HEAD. Start living in the Here and Now and watch how you achieve those goals.

So who cares if you took time off for the Thanksgiving holiday and you did absolutely nothing. Does that change anything about you…Heck No. Sometimes we need those small breaks in our lives. Sometimes we need those detours to get us relax and able to refocus. So don’t dwell or beat yourself up if you enjoyed yourself over the past Holiday. Today is a new day..Today is a brand new day to start over again. Today is your day…Your day to begin again…Stop dwelling on the what if’s and now let’s focus on the What is!!!!

With love


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