Switching it Up

So as some of you may already know I have trained and done several half marathons and marathons.  Often times during training season you can simply just get burned out. Your body simply gets tired of doing the same miles, same routine, same route and simply your body is like, UGH Can we please do something else?!!!! This is what happened to me my first year training for my first marathon. By the time I got to my race my body was like finally we are here but my body was also like UGH I have to go run 26.2 miles now, I am sick and tired of running.

Often times as runners we get so focused on the task at hand which may be to train for a specific distance or race. But we forget about what our bodies need.  Our bodies need variety it needs change. In order for our body to perform efficiently we often need to take some time away from that sport or activity. So how do we avoid being burned out or tired of our activity/sport? Here are some key things that will let you know that you are burned out or simply you need to switch it up:

  1. Your body isn’t performing at the level it should (the feeling of fatigue, tired, overwhelmed)
  2. When your body starts to shut down (injuries occurring, soreness that turns into pain that eventually puts you on the sideline)
  3. When you simply do not ENJOY it anymore

So how can we avoid not being burned out?

  1. Plan ahead your routine so you know exactly what days and how many days you are investing into your activity, training or sport
  2. Take time to schedule other activities within your training (work different muscles, it changes your routine and your body will thank you)
  3. Take Rest periods (if your body is tired from doing that activity just simply take a rest break)
  4. Listen to your body (if your training plan or activity level is too much on your body-readjust your training plan)
  5. Simply in whatever you are doing make sure you are having FUN (when we start to dread getting up and doing our activity or training then it is no longer is an enjoyment to us.

When you get burned out it can take a toll on your body and also cause you to stray away from that activity/training. Take note of what your body is saying to you during your training. Also, don’t be afraid to try new things and simply to just switch it up!

With love and gratitude,


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