Art of Healing

I have constantly been asked, “How did you overcome your depression?” or “How did you get rid of your anxiety?” and my answer is simply I didn’t get rid of these things I have learned how to cope and how to manage these things.

It would be a nice thing if we never got sad, or angry, or frustrated, or disappointed. But reality is these things happen, these emotions happen. If it hasn’t happened yet then it will happen. But the beauty of not being afraid of these things happening is learning how to cope, learning the art of healing through these things, situations.

I often tell my patients and others that Life is going to happen that is a for sure thing but it is not what happens to us in life; it is how we choose to react to the things that happen to us in life. We can choose to allow life to drag us by the feet/tail or we can drag life. We have the ability to take over our reactions. We are given a choice each and everyday on how we will react to things that happen to us in life. I am often reminded of these statement, “Did you really have a bad day or did you just have a bad 5 minutes that you decided to milk all day long?” So the next time that life is happening to you or you start your day off rough or it seems as if everything is going wrong in life. Take a step back and ask yourself, “How will I choose to react to this?” Am I going to allow this situation to take over my life or am I going to take over the situation.

So what is the “Art of Healing” to me?

Love and gratitude,


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