Trust the Process



It’s crazy how you constantly hear the saying, “Trust the Process” but then when you are going through daily life and the ups and downs of life Trust the Process seems as if it is just a metaphor. However, what I have come to learn and understand that in trusting the process you have to be willing to learn and grow through life. Be willing to take the good and the bad not as just what it seems to be but take each opportunity, each lesson, each day as “What will I learn today?” because that is what life is all about.

Life is about lessons that we learn each and everyday. Now we do have a choice in this the same as a child in school has a choice to take in the lesson and learn from it. Therefore, we choose each and every day whether we will take in the lesson that was just taught to us and what we will do with it. Will we learn and grow from it or do the opposite?


I choose each day despite what the lesson may be to learn and grow from it. Now I will admit there are some days that may seem to be harder than other days and I quickly remind myself Felicia be willing to take in the lesson from today. So ask your self each day you are given lessons:

“What can you learn from this lesson today?”

“What can you take in that will allow you to grow on today?”

When I take a second and sit back and ask these questions then my perspective opens up to what I am learning and how I am growing. So when I say, “Trust the Process” also be willing to learn each and everyday. Be willing to grow each and everyday. What does that require? It requires you to “Trust the Process.”

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