I am just a simplistic woman living life to the fullest. I have learned the importance of taking care of SELF first and realizing that when we take care of SELF first that all the other addictive’s will come.

I bring soul to everything I do from lifting weights in the Crossfit GYM, to practicing in the yoga studio, to running on the pavement. I lead by example and bring the sense of “I CAN” in everything that I do.

I enjoy helping others achieve their goals whether it be through fighting back from an injury, diving deeper into their yoga pose, correcting the running form or simply life coaching advice. I do it not for just money but because I love helping others find joy and happiness and soul in everything that they do.

I strive each and everyday to be a better version of ME through building a stronger body, mind and soul.

I am Soulful Yogi






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