My Fitness Journey

There are times now where I look back and realize where I have come from. A woman who could barely walk down the street to now who has completed several 5ks, half marathons, half fanatic, marathons and now competing in crossfit games. The fitness life is not just about losing weight it has become a lifestyle for me. This is my life! This is my journey! No turning back now





1st BootCamp/Strength Classes



1st Half marathon





1st Marathon




Yogi and Yoga Assistant (Yoga One)





RYT- 200 Hour Yoga Teacher



Dopey Challenge- 4 days (5k, 10k, Half marathon, Marathon)


Avid Hiker



As I tell people all the time that when you are going through this fitness journey or training for that particular race or event you must always remember your “WHY”  This collage below really depicts my why. My family is my reason for wanting to be healthy. I want to be a great example to my girls and also give them the best of me the healthy me



The other part of me who encourages me and helps me be a better person each and everyday are those women who hit the pavement with me each and everyday. My supporters, my girls, my friends and my sisters





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