Exercise 4 Success

So I am constantly being asked,

Why do I exercise?

What keeps me motivated for exercise?

What do you do when life happens, how do you continue to exercise?

I was that person a long time ago where I developed the goal of exercising so that I could lose weight I wanted to be a certain size, I wanted to look a certain way but then exercise became more to me than that. I had to determine some key things in order to stick with exercise, to stay exercising. I had to look at exercise in a different way in order to exercise 4 success. I had to:

Determine “MY WHY”

When you find your WHY it helps keep you motivated, it helps keep you determined and focused. Why is that? because when I suffered an injury or when life just happened I had to go back and figure out why was I exercising, why did I want to lose weight, why did I want to complete a marathon. Then I realized that I was doing all of this because I wanted to feel better, I wanted to be healthy, I wanted to be able to enjoy life with my kids. So once I realized my WHY the days that I wasn’t motivated, the days I didn’t want to do the exercise I remembered my WHY. I remembered why I was doing all the things that I was doing. So you figure out your Why….What’s next?

Create a PLAN

I am constantly telling my clients and patients that without visual, written things we don’t see it. Out of sight, out of mind. When we take time out to truly write out our goals and plan then we are more apt to fulfill those things. So plan out what you are wanting to accomplish, how will you accomplish it, what will it look like, what is your schedule like.

Start from where you ARE

The biggest problem when tend to make is we look at what others are doing and we try to start where they are. We start too fast and we fail and then we give up. If you have never ran a day in your life then start by walking consistently and then build up from there. We can’t run before we walk, we can’t walk before we crawl. That’s just saying that you will get there but you must first start from where you are.

Take Small Steps

In starting from where you are realize that in order to get to that goal, dream or vision you must take small steps. Change doesn’t occur overnight, we didn’t get the way we are overnight it took time. So realize that this journey will take time it will not happen overnight. You must take small steps. It’s the small steps that lead to the Big Change. It’s not the big leaps that we make in our life that makes the difference it’s the small minute changes and steps that we make in our lives that lead to the big difference, big change.

Develop a Routine and a HABIT

So it’s great to create a plan but what is a plan if you don’t act on it or you don’t create that habitual routine. Habits are developed from doing a consistent routine. Things become habitual when we are constantly doing the same things in a certain routine or form. So in order to incorporate exercise into your daily activity you must create a routine that includes exercise in it.

Learn that It’s Not a DESTINATION its a JOURNEY

You must understand that living a healthy lifestyle in particularly exercising is not a destination its a journey. When we think about destination and we are trying to get to a destination. We drive from point A to point B and we get to our destination. Well once we are at our destination we either stay there for a little while or we go and then come back to our original point. With healthy lifestyle and exercising we have to realize that this is not just about getting to a destination we are striving to continue this lifelong journey. This journey of a healthy lifestyle, journey of being free from disease, journey of wanting to enjoy the one life we have without fear of not being able to enjoy it.

So ask me why do I exercise?

I exercise 4 success

I exercise because I am on this lifelong journey of healthy living

I exercise because I feel free to be

I exercise because I feel great after I exercise

I exercise so that I can be the best mother that I can be for my girls

More importantly I exercise for ME



Exercise 4 Success





What are you waiting for?




So it’s that time of the year where everyone is planning of the new year. We are getting that planner out we are setting our fitness goals for next year. We already have a big scheme and ideas of what days we are going to work out, what days we are going to work on what, the challenges that we are going to participate in. We are pumped and ready to change for 2018.

So let me ask you a question….

What about now?

What are you waiting on?

Why do we have to prepare for the new year?

Who says that we have to wait until 2018 to start fresh, to start brand new. Why not start now? This is the question that I was even asking myself as it related to not only fitness but other areas of my life. I said to myself Felicia why do you have to wait until the new year to begin again. Each and everyday we wake up is a brand new opportunity to begin again. It is an opportunity to start over to create goals for ourselves. We are our biggest hindrance of our goals, we are what stops us from achieving our goals.


Because we feel as if we have to start at a certain time, we feel like our situation have to look a certain way. We are waiting on that perfect time, perfect opportunity to begin again, to start over. So what if your life is a mess right now, So what if you feel like you don’t have it all together. This is the perfect time to begin again, this is the perfect time to create a better version of you….So stop waiting on that miraculous new year…Today is your Day…Lace up…Show up for YOU..You deserve it…You deserve to be a better version of YOU…So I ask again What are you waiting for? 




Don’t Settle




It’s a great feeling when you have completed a goal that you thought you would never complete. So now you have completed it so what’s next. You feel like I have accomplished something big so why strive for anything else. Or you just simply get complacent and content in where you are right now. I say NO…don’t get complacent…don’t get content. You should always be striving to be a better version of YOU whether that is through fitness, finances, relationships, personally, spiritual. Never settle for what seems alright, shoot for the stars, challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone, step outside of that box you have created. You will never know your full potential if you just settle for what seems okay, what seems best. So don’t wait until the New Year’s to draw up a plan of goals and action plans..Start today, Start now….Set the intention each and everyday to strive for more, strive for the best version of YOU. So stop settling and start moving..Moving into 2018 as the Best Version of YOU!!!



Strength has NO GENDER


As women we are always afraid to hear the word STRENGTH or anything as it relates to strength training. The thought of looking like a male or the thought that I am going to look crazy comes to our minds. However, but what we fail to realize is that Strength does not have a specific gender. The other thing we fail to realize is that we have strength inside of us that we just don’t realize because no one has brought it out of us.

My experience with strength encompasses so many aspects. I have always been into fitness and taught fitness classes when I was in college but I really didn’t find my TRUE strength until I was in my 30’s. I learned so much about my physical strength, inner strength and spiritual strength.


I actually found all of these things in one specific place….My crossfit gym. I know many are probably thinking..what…a crossfit gym. Yes not just any CROSSFIT gym but specifically Crossfit Axon.

When I first step foot into the gym I knew it was where I needed to be. It was filled with so many people that look just like me, no supernatural specialties but individuals who were all striving to be a BETTER VERSION of themselves. They surrounded me with love and kindness. I had always feared the word CROSSFIT because you read all the things about how crazy it is and how dangerous it is but I was invested in it. I wanted to learn more about it. I wanted to really work on ME. I found that it wasn’t scary. I actually found that I was focusing more on my form, my everyday movements that would help me to become stronger, to function better in my everyday lifestyle. As an athletic trainer I appreciated the fact that my coach really took time out and was making sure I was doing the movements right, wanting me to excel, wanting me to be stronger but safe in the same aspect. You don’t get that from many places…at least I didn’t.

So how did I really gain STRENGTH?

I gained strength by really entrusting myself to this so call Crossfit workout specifically to my Crossfit Gym. I was encourage by my family as I call them….my crossfit family. The family that when things are going south in your life, or turmoil happens they check on you, they call you up, they congratulate you when you do well in other aspects of your life. So again how did I gain strength? I gained strength:Physically- In my overall lifting; Inner Strength- Building my self confidence.


So it doesn’t matter how you decide to build strength but realize strength has no gender, we each have it in us. We just need that person or people to help bring it out of us. When you find that special place like I did you realize that you had strength all along you just needed the right place to help captivate it and to bring it out of you. I found that at Crossfit AXON, I found that motivation, encouragement, family atmosphere there which made it easier to engage in strength training. It also helped me to find my true STRENGTH.

So realize that Strength has no GENDER, it is all about finding that motivator, that place, that coach, that family or person that helps you find that true STRENGTH. It lies in each of us we just sometimes need that extra push and help finding it.


With Love,