Week 1 Challenge


Week 1 Challenge


These ladies came out and took on Week 1 Challenge. They not only came ready but crushed it.

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Here is a recap of Week 1

Each lady went through 10  stations 30 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rotation to the next station. These ladies did 2 rounds of all 10 stations.


Station 1– Strides

Station 2– Squats

(Advanced version is Jump Squats)

Station 3– Jumping Jacks

(Advanced version is Jumping Hop Jacks)

Station 4– Lunges

(Advanced version is Lunge jumps

Station 5– Mountain Climbers

Station 6-Planks

(Advanced version is: High Planks, Push up to Plank)

Station 7- High knees

Station 8- Toe Touches

Station 9- Burpees

Station 10- Push Ups